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Born and raised in Oil City, PA, I grew up in a hunting family. My father, uncles, and most of our family friends hunted. I grew up in the deer woods and then eventually ventured into small game and turkey hunting. Turkey and deer quickly became my favorite game to pursue…until I hunted waterfowl. My first waterfowl hunt was an experience I will never forget and to this day is the reason I am the waterfowler I am. Mallards in backwater, beaver ponds, and cornfields along with honkers anywhere I can find them have taken over my hunting. Been hunting hard since 1988…and have no intention of quitting anytime soon!!! I do want to say thanks to my wonderful wife, Kim, for putting up with me and the long seasons as I am given the opportunity to hunt hard, often, and long. And thank you to my two wonderful daughters, Mackenzie and Harper, who put up with Dad being away to hunt and who hound me when I get home to hear the story of each hunt! I am also lucky enough to have the opportunity to represent three companies I truly believe in: Foiles Migrators, Final Approach, and Bushnell.

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