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My name is Joseph Presher I am 18 Years old, I live in Clifton Springs New York where i work on Willow Bends Farms and Spring Hope Dairy llc. I also live about 20 min away from Montezuma Wildlife Refuge in the heart of Waterfowl "country" in the fingerlakes region. When hunting season roles around everything stops for me because im chasing ducks and geese for Flight Line outfitters where i am a liscenced New York state hunting guide. But when the seasons over i hit the contest trail and try to attend all of the contest i can to help support FMI. I also enjoy store visits and attending shows all over the country where I get to meet lost of new people. I am honored to have become a field staff member for FMI and I plan on doing everything i can to further my relationship with Foiles Migraters.
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