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    Default What kind of generator

    This year im buying a ice eater and a generator to run it. I will be buying a mallard view ice eater and I was wondering first how big of generator do you need to run the ice eater. The ice eater will be the only thing that will be used on the the genarotor. Also does the generator effect the birds. Can they here it??? Thanks in advance for any help. Luke
    Luke Hannon

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    buy a Honda and you'll never have to worry about it but it'll be a bit more $$. Genny size depends on what hp ice eater you are running, for the 1 hp I think they spec the 2000 or 2500 watt...

    Generator doesn't really seem to bug 'em too much - geese less than ducks. Unless it's a bajillion below (like Minnesota cold) you can prolly get away with turning it off while you are hunting.

    If you are gonna spend the bank on the ice eater don't cheap out and buya crappy genny...

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